Empower Me, Invest in All

Saturday, March 14, 2015


For 18 years, the Women in Leadership Conference at the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley, has brought together more than 400 women and men annually to connect and learn from each other and develop the skills that can help women advance their paths to leadership.

For the 19th year of the conference, we celebrate the diversity in female leadership emerging across different industries, as we aim to bring together leaders in business, politics, sports, education, entertainment, non-profit, and the arts.

Our aim is to inspire through example, by connecting leaders to other leaders, and provide opportunities to gain the tangible leadership skills necessary to move forward as a leader in any industry.

Join us at the 19th Women in Leadership Conference at Haas on March 14, 2015.  Registration is now open!



For women leaders actively looking to explore their potential and impact in today’s business environment, the 2015 Women in Leadership Conference is a conference that will connect, empower, and inspire by bringing together diverse leaders from across different industries.

This year's theme - Empower Me, Invest in All - celebrates strides already made by women in leadership across industries and recognizes how empowering the next generation of women leaders is essential for investing in society at large.

Our goals are to:

  • Celebrate the example shown by women leaders in diverse industries even outside business, such as sports, politics, and entertainment, among others;
  • Connect women across different backgrounds to continue building a strong community of leaders;
  • Challenge the ongoing and new issues that rising women leaders face today;
  • Empower women with real skills needed to become an effective leader in today’s increasingly diverse workplace (ie. influencing without authority, negotiating, mentoring, and personal branding, among others). 


Conference Agenda

  8:00 AM   Registration & Breakfast
  9:00   Opening Remarks
  10:20   Morning Break
  10:30   Panels and Workshops:
  • Decisions, Not Doubt - How to Successfully Navigate Your Career Path
  • Stories from the Field: Building and Leveraging Your Network
  • Mastering Difficult Conversations In the Workplace
  • Taking Control of Your Finances and Future
  • Tools of an Effective Manager
  12:00 PM     Lunch & Networking
  1:00   Leadership Talks
  2:20   Mid-Afternoon Break
  2:30   Panels & Workshops:
  • Unlocking the Power of Peer Mentoring: A Workshop on the Role of Relationships and Work
  • How to Succeed in Male-Dominated Fields
  • Strategies, Skills, and Stories of Successful Negotiations
  • Influence Through Storytelling: How to Craft and Tell Stories That Will Propel Your Career Forward
  4:00   Afternoon Break
  4:15   Closing Remarks
  5:30   Wine Reception

Previous Speakers

The Women in Leadership Conference has attracted a strong community of female leaders in the past. Previous keynote speakers include Heidi Roizen (Venture Partner at DFJ), Kamala Harris (California Attorney General), Carrie Dolan (CFO at Lending Club), Debra Martucci (CIO at Synopsys), Christine Paige (SVP Marketing at Kaiser Permanente), Sue Gardner (Executive Director at Wikimedia Foundation) and Joy Chen (CEO at Yes To, Inc.)

This year, we aim to bring together another strong group of leaders from diverse industries including business, politics, sports, entertainment, non-profit, and the arts.

Partner with Us

Over the past two decades, the Women in Leadership Conference has worked with countless partners to bring to life this annual gathering. Our partners have been instrumental in helping us provide a truly unforgettable  experience to the 400+ leaders who come to the conference to learn and connect with each other. We are grateful for the partners who supported the 2014 Women in Leadership Conference and invite you to join us in empowering the next generation of women leaders.

To join us, please contact Megan Bradfield, Women in Leadership Vice President of Sponsorship.

2014 Partners

Work With Us

Interested in working with us to develop content, speak, or share an idea for the conference? Please fill out the following form to reach our content development team for the conference. We will reach out if there is a strong match for the conference. 

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Haas Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership's mission is to serve the entire Haas community through a series of professional, educational, and social events designed to enhance the understanding and appreciation of women's roles in business while equipping WIL members to achieve success.

Beyond hosting the annual WIL conference, WIL is actively involved in leading the Women's Workshop and Diversity Conference, and offers regular social events and an annual retreat for Haas students and partners to Napa Valley.

Visit the Women in Leadership website

UC Berkeley Haas School of Business

For over 100 years, the Haas School of Business has offered exceptional management education to outstanding women and men from around the world. The school is one of the world's leading producers of new ideas and knowledge for all areas of business, and a launching point for many new businesses. The Haas School is widely known for its diverse and talented faculty, staff, students and alumni. Its programs benefit significantly from the university's practice of interdisciplinary research and teaching, and the school's strong connections to nearby Silicon Valley.

Visit the Haas School of Business website 

Conference CORE Team


WIL President

Carmela Aquino & Libby Hadzima
Kate Lewis-LaMonica & Leigh Madeira
Megan Bradfield
Celine Nhung Tran
Erica McLain
Jackie Laird
Julie Barmeyer


The Women in Leadership conference will be held for the 19th time at the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley. Haas is accessible via public transportation and car, and parking is available on the street or in private facilities.

University of California, Berkeley
Haas School of Business

2220 Piedmont Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94720



Registration for the 2015 Women in Leadership Conference is now open!  Get your tickets here.

Ticket TypePrice
General Admission$75.00
Alumni & Staff$75.00