Collaborate Across Difference Through Feedback...It Is Possible!

For many of us, even the mention of the word “feedback” evokes anxiety and dread. As leaders, how can we influence performance – both our own and the people and teams we work with – when we consciously and unconsciously avoid the difficult conversations that go along with constructive feedback? This experiential workshop session offers insights into how we get derailed in the feedback process before we even open our mouths. We’ll also spend time practicing a simple and powerful feedback framework that helps communicate negative impact and minimize the defensiveness and blame that feedback can devolve into.

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Erica Peng

Leadership Coach and Lecturer, Haas School of Business

Erica’s approach to leadership development is “Learning by Doing.” Practice. She supports emerging leaders and senior executives to develop foundational skills including grounded “presence,” empathetic listening, managing triggers, giving and receiving feedback, taking generative risks, leveraging difference and conflict, etc. Having lived and worked in Asia and Latin America, Erica has expertise in team dynamics and performance across language, culture, status, and other dimensions of diversity and difference.