Leveling the Playing Field:  Building Gender Equity Movements

Building sustainable, long-term change takes time, effort and commitment.  Building a gender equity movement takes this and more, relying on people to drive institutional, systemic and cultural change.
This panel will explore the diverse experiences of a broad array of speakers, united by their goal of equality in the workplace.  Whether through formal programs or informal, cultural influence, our panelists will share their achievements and challenges and a rough roadmap for building our own movements in our work and lives. This exciting hot-topic discussion features Deb Wetherby, Founder and CEO at Wetherby Asset Management, Kate Morris at Adobe, and is moderated by UC Berkeley Interim Assistant Vice Chancellor for Human Resources, Jo Mackness.

Can We Have It All? Leadership and Work-Life Balance

It’s a timeless — and challenging — question: How can any of us make work-life balance a reality? Meet our panel of highly accomplished speakers who will address the challenges and rewards of finding a lasting work-life balance, despite demanding professional careers. Our panel consists of leaders from Ford, PwC and startups, including Michelle Young, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Compliance Officer; Georgina Miranda, Founder at Altitude Seven, Rani Radhakrishnan, Partner at PwC - Digital Health; and Lisa Sperling - Controller, Retail and Fleet Variable Marketing at Ford Motor Company.

Navigating a Career Crossroads

Have you reached a point in your career when you know something needs to change, but you’re not sure how to move forward? In this interactive workshop, professional career coach Michelle Florendo will share insights from helping clients successfully navigate pivots in their careers and will lead you through frameworks, exercises, and self-reflection tools to use when navigating and advancing your own career. 

Collaborate Across Difference Through Feedback...It Is Possible!

For many of us, even the mention of the word “feedback” evokes anxiety and dread. As leaders, how can we influence performance – both our own and the people and teams we work with – when we consciously and unconsciously avoid the difficult conversations that go along with constructive feedback? This experiential workshop session offers insights into how we get derailed in the feedback process before we even open our mouths. We’ll also spend time practicing a simple and powerful feedback framework that helps communicate negative impact and minimize the defensiveness and blame that feedback can devolve into.

Your Story Matters! Tell It! Learning from Your Life Stories

The journey to authentic leadership begins with understanding the stories of your life. Your life story provides the context for your experiences and can connect to the hearts and minds of your audience in order to collaborate, inspire and lead together with people from all walks of life. Arina Isaacson will coach you through crafting the Story Content, Structure and Delivery of one of your ‘Who Am I’ Leadership Journey stories. With help of four women leaders, Arina will lead workshop participants through three-stage rehearsal process. You will craft and tell a story around the topic: A turning point moment when you ‘believed in yourself’ and your self-esteem blossomed.

Boss vs Bossy: How to be Both Ambitious and Approachable

Women in the workplace, the classroom, and the world are often told that they are too aggressive. Even when doing the same task, women are considered pushy while men are considered persuasive. In this breakout, we invite several women and men to share their leadership experience of how this plays out in the workplace and impacts workplace dynamics. Simultaneously, our panel will discuss things that they have done and seen in their own companies to combat the reality that many women are considered bossy while men are considered to be the boss.